Our Business

SingleSaver was launched in 2011, under OneStop Singles LLC umbrella of dating companies (OnSpeedDating.Com, SingleAndTheCity.Com, Kissburg.Com). Our features include special deals and discounts on a variety of events happening throughout your city. If you’re single, and looking for something to do, then SingleSaver was meant for you!

We have a small team of loyal (mostly single) employees working together to bring our customers only the best deals around their town. We are currently focused in the New York area, but are rapidly expanding, and looking to take over other metropolitan areas soon. Our goal is to offer special events, deals, and discounts from local businesses across the country. We want to add a surprise to every calendar if we can.

Digging deep, and handpicking only the highest quality experiences to share with friends, is what we do best. We help bring you to places that have yet to be discovered by the masses, and offer a unique experience you haven’t had before. We work with local businesses to design and complete the total package for each customer who orders a deal from our website. We seek to bring adventurous, loyal new followings to local businesses, and help them to thrive in an uncertain economic time.

Using our imagination and innovative techniques, we have successfully already made SingleSaver one of the fastest-growing companies in the social-buying category. We satisfy customer cravings for the 'new and different' at significant savings. At SingleSaver we help create real world connections. We shape social lives, and encourage positive interactions between many others. 

Our People

Amber Soletti

Co-Founder and V.P. of Marketing 

Originally from Austin, Texas, Amber has been living the single life in NYC for the past nine years. She started SingleSaver.com with her partner Carmine, in an effort to subsidize her income and dating life. Amber is a business marketing graduate and professional, with over ten years of experience working in the beauty industry for Fortune 500 companies. These include both Aveda and Avon, and helped her learn to go from marketing products to marketing people. In the process she has helped many New Yorker’s find the perfect deal for themselves, and others close to them.

Carmine Di Re

Co-Founder and V.P. of Development & Online Marketing

A native New Yorker born and raised in Brooklyn, Carmine Di Re is responsible for spreading the word about SingleSaver, and ensuring the company stays headed in the right direction. Carmine’s technical and on-line marketing skills, combined with his experience as a single city resident, helped him to find all the popular hot spots throughout the city with the help of his team. Together with co-founder Amber Soletti, Carmine hopes to take the concept of daily deals in a fun new direction. Helping people to form connections with those in the same city as themselves, SingleSaver works as both a discount deal platform for all, and a way to help single people in the city find more dates.

The Team

Our group of dedicated team members work to find the best deals in town, and provide outstanding customer service to all.

All of us at SingleSaver believe we have one of the best teams to help us succeed in this competitive social deal environment. Our focus is always on the customer, and finding them the best possible deals around their city. Not only do we work hard to offer steep discounts, but we also pride ourselves on finding the most unique, exciting, newest businesses yet to be explored by the majority. We work hard to keep SingleSaver one of the fastest growing companies in this segment of the industry everyday. We’re always here to help, and hope you enjoy your next daily deal experience from SingleSaver.com.